About Us


We are a group of gray hat hackers from the darknet who saw how you guys suffer from scammers and fake miners so we came to help you guys recover your funds using the private key of the address you used in paying the scammers or miners 

We are not here to make you rich nor poor we didn't come to give you this tools to hack funds who doesn't belong to you if you come to make yourself rich don't ask us to work on percentage if you can't afford to follow our rules please don't waste our time 

Note that the software is not for free and won't be for free, that's because most of you guy turn to lie in the name of they took all my money, if you come with such complain you will have to prove that by some steps we will have to take you trough. 


Note we are not work on percentage if you come with such idea you will be banned from our service, that's because, what we are doing its a favour, you guys can't pay for it we own the tool and can engage in a hack at our will, so if you think you are helping us please don't waste your time 

btc hacking boss

Bitcoin private key the master of financial hack

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